Happy, Lucky New Year

December 21, 2018

I love birds and started collecting them as ornaments not realizing the meaning behind them. It is said that they symbolize joy and happiness. It is also, apparently, an old Scandinavian tradition to feed the birds on Christmas Day.

For this year's client and family holiday gift tags, I chose to illustrate a black-capped chickadee, and experiment with goil foiling. The chickadee is the first bird that captured my attention as a child. We had a family friend, Teddy d'Éon, who would take myself and my four siblings to explore nature in the woods behind our house. He explained that the chickadee's name sounds like his song: "chicka-dee-dee-dee". I remember those days like it was yesterday and my siblings and I are forever grateful to Teddy for making us appreciate nature and have fun, sans ipads ;-) 

Whether your favourite bird is a chickadee, cardinal or a goldfinch, try a new tradition and sprinkle birdseed on your doorstep on Christmas morning. I hope you get a visitor or two and that you have a HAPPY, LUCKY, NEW YEAR!


Jocelyne Saulnier
Joce Creative

 © joce creative
Printing: Morning Print
Paper: Neenah Star Dream & Matte Coated paper 10 pt.

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