Gift Tag Giveaway

December 21, 2012

Let's face it. Out of a family of five children, I was the "Gift Guesser" of the family. I'd peek, squeeze, shake my gifts or try to get at least one hint about my gift. So this year, I teamed up again with Kathy Mercure to create Gift Guessing Tags. 

Printed on a beautiful shimmery paper stock, these cherry red and chocolate brown tags are attached with a silver string with fun hints inside. 

TO ENTER: Just post a comment below and let me know if you are a gift guesser or not. Three random winners will be chosen. You'll have the tags in plenty of time for next Christmas, though you can use them this for other occasions. Draw will take place December 23rd, 2012. Fun stories are welcome.

Hope you had as much fun with these as Kathy Mercure and I had creating them. Good luck, and Happy Holiday!



Yes, I am a gift guesser and quite incurable too. This year, I guessed somone else's gift that they were getting for a friend based on a short conversation. They called it 'creepy'. I will take that compliment. This year is too easy and I know all my gifts. I am not that hard to fool. A few rocks in the box will throw me off!
Those are amazing! Thanks for this beautiful creation... I was very pleased to receive them in the mail today. Happy Holidays to both of you! Remi :)
I have always been a TOTAL gift-guesser!! I could never understand why everyone wasn't as curious as I was! Still to this day, if there's a present for me under the tree before Christmas, I'll shake it, smell it, squeeze it and stare at it hoping to figure out what's inside. I hate not knowing!!!
I remember ripping the corner of a present as a child then finding out it was a book lol
I'm not a gift guesser myself, actually. I prefer to be surprised. Mind you, if I knew ahead, I might have been able to hide the look of surprise (not good surprise) on my face from some gifts I've received over the years! But, I was able to tap into the inner "must know" of all the people I know who are guessers for this year's tags!
I don't guess... I want it to be a surprise! :-)
total guesser! I drive my family crazy.
I was TOTALLY the guesser - but I went one step beyond. My mom kept our presents in the spare room by mine, and when she wasn't home, sometimes I'd open one and have a peek, then re-tape it. I'm kind of embarassed to admit it (so why am i doing it now?) but that's just how I rolled as a 12 year old. :)
love the tags!!! I use to shake and guess my siblings gifts.
Not a guesser; mom would wrap our gifts and disguise them so there was no point!
I guessed. But mostly I bugged the heck out of my mom and dad (or sisters & brothers because we exchanged gifts) I'm still as bad today.
Congrats to Travis, Lynne Post and Jodi Forsythe, I'll be mailing your tags :-) Thanks for your awesome stories and hope you can put these to good use :-)
Weeeee!! Thanks Joce!! It's always a joy to get your work in the mail. Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family!!

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