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Print Matters

Nathalie Doucet

Because Nathalie's primary customers are women, she wanted her logo to feel elegant. We chose a warm grey because it works so nicely with different colours; it's very neutral. I designed a series of cards to showcase Nathalie's beautiful photography style for engagements, weddings, maternity and newborns. These cards act as mini advertisements for her booming business.

Client Feature

Matt LeBlanc Art

Last year I designed Matt LeBlanc Abstract Art's first FUSION event materials. FUSION 2012 will take place this fall so expect to see some colourful art, and great entertainment. Working with Matt's art is almost a graphic designer's dream; amazing textures & colours and a true creative liscence. Last year Matt created a huge 12 by 12 foot painting as a backdrop to his FUSION show. Let's see what he'll have up his sleeves this year.


Heather Plewes Abstract Art

A self-taught Abstract Artist, Heather's medium of choice is acrylic paint as well as a variety of medium gels which give way to tremendous amounts of depth and texture in all of her paintings. She wanted professional look that represents her unique, creative work. Check out some of her paintings here.